Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh my goodness, where did summer go?

Woe is me, I woke up this morning and (BOOM!) it was August! Well, we're already 7 days into it, so I guess I'm behind the curve in having just figured this out. But honestly, it feels like summer just started yesterday! Sigh...I feel more than a little nostagic already. I mean, wasn't it just June a few days ago? I think part of the problem is that we've been having some seriously gray, drizzly weather on the heels of a four-week (or so) heat wave. And the real kicker, our teenager's job required him to be at work at 5:30 am...so I (not a morning person by any stretch) was up at 5:00 each weekday to get him there. So in numerous ways this summer has been a little off tempo. We made the best of the heat wave with the kids' pool, and I eschewed most of my usual gardening activity so that was definitely different. Then the last couple of weeks have been very autumn-like, and I could swear fall is already in the air. We plan on starting back up with homeschooling next week, so it's not as if I expect summer to last forever...but...oh my, I do believe I'm whining. I don't mean to...I guess I'm just a little, I don't know, off?
We've got our textbooks and curriculum basically ready, and now it's just a matter of me getting my brain back into schooling mode. I do think that as much as I am looking forward to getting back to it with the kids, it's going to be a bit challenging at first. Yeshakem Soap Shoppe has really picked up in business this last couple of months, including an increase in large wholesale orders, two of which I'll be working feverishly to fill in the next two weeks. It's exciting to see God blessing the ministry and business this way, but it will definitely require me to work extra hard at balancing the needs of mommyhood, home and business concerns...it will be good for me, and I'm not one to shrink from a challenge. God's brought me through waaaaay bigger challenges than 'me oh my, how do I balance my blessings'!
So, I'm not sure exactly what the purpose of this post is...I suppose just to fill everyone in on where I've been and what's ahead for me in the next few weeks. God is good, life is full, and I am a blessed woman in many ways. Thanks for keeping me company on this end-of-summer ramble.